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New cover design

We have expanded our standard layouts by two additional book covers.

You can find an overview of the covers and the possible color variations here.
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New Publications
‘For the twig to blossom…’
by Henk Jochemsen (editor)
We live in a world in which appalling poverty continues, where there are more refugees than ever before ...
ISBN 978-90-423-0450-5, Language: English, 388 pages, 21,90 €
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IFA Research Reports
by Udo Becker (Hrsg.)
Die -IFA- Interessengemeinschaft Fahrzeugakustik und Antriebstechnik ist eine junge, 2015 gegründete, ...
ISBN 978-3-8440-5961-8, Language: English, 26 pages, 29,80 €
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The Textbook of Pistol Technology and Design
by Peter Dallhammer
Handguns have existed for centuries, but in a very short time went through a vast evolution that completely ...
ISBN 978-3-8440-5810-9, Language: English, 494 pages, 79,00 €
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