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New cover design

We have expanded our standard layouts by two additional book covers.

You can find an overview of the covers and the possible color variations here.
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New Publications
The Future of the European Union
by Sarah Diehl
The European Union, a political system sui genesis that has guaranteed peace and fostered mutual understanding ...
ISBN 978-3-8440-6938-9, Language: English, 142 pages, 29,80 €
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Boundaries between dependent and atypical employment in Europe
by European Centre for Workers‘ Questions (EZA), Yennef Vereycken, Miet Lamberts
Numerous new forms of employments have emerged in Europe over the last few years, particularly as a ...
ISBN 978-3-8440-5883-3, Language: English, 88 pages, 39,80 €
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Sikh Martyrs – The Scent of the Wild Rose
by Elisabeth Meru, Serge Jacoby, Harjinder Singh Kanwal, Oliver Lobschat, Susanne Traunbauer
Sikhism is built on three pillars: VAHEGURU JI, the Ten Gurus and the Martyrs. The chapter on the martyrs ...
ISBN 978-3-8440-6588-6, Language: English, 312 pages, 48,80 €
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