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We have expanded our standard layouts by two additional book covers.

You can find an overview of the covers and the possible color variations here.
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New Publications
Businesses Walking the Tightrope
by Marieta Olaru (ed.)
Businesses are required to consider changes in lifestyles and the evolution of the concept of welfare. ...
ISBN 978-3-8440-5217-6, Language: English, 396 pages, 49,80 €
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Compared noology of Jewish and Romanian people
by Madalina Mandita
The study Compared noology of Jewish and Romanian people is focused on the spiritual powers identified ...
ISBN 978-3-8440-5176-6, Language: English, 226 pages, 31,80 €
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Bidhu Bhushan Ray - A Pioneer of X-Ray Spectroscopy
by Rajinder Singh
B.B. Ray was one of the founders of X-ray spectroscopy in India.

"This book is a complete ...
ISBN 978-3-8440-5171-1, Language: English, 170 pages, 21,90 €
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