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Mahatma Gandhi - Sex Scandals and the Missed Nobel Peace Prize
by Rajinder Singh
An apostle of non-violent struggle and the icon in world history, Mohandas Gandhi alias Mohandas Karamchand ...
ISBN 978-3-8440-3364-9, Language: English, 196 pages, 32,50 €
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by Jan Oliver Ringert, Bernhard Rumpe, Andreas Wortmann
This book presents MontiArcAutomaton, a modeling language for architecture and behavior modeling of ...
ISBN 978-3-8440-3299-4, Language: English, 92 pages, 24,80 €
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Digital Video and Disintermediation in the Value System of the Motion Picture Industry
by Florian Wrobel
Intermediaries are an important part of the value added structure for most industries and can take various ...
ISBN 978-3-8440-3060-0, Language: English, 168 pages, 29,80 €
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